Long Read Sequencing Solutions

Long Read Sequencing Solutions

Long-read sequencing technology can detect structural variants, short tandem repeats, as well as haplotypes and distinguish between true and false information due to the advantages it possesses in terms of read length, and it can also capture other complex sequence structure information. With the improvement of accuracy, long-read sequencing is being used in a wide range of applications, such as infectious disease, plant research, and environmental testing. CD Genomics provides professional solutions for long-read sequencing applications in various fields. Our mission is to promote plant, animal and human health.

Directions for long read sequencing applications:

  • Large Genome Splicing

In the past, genome splicing based on short fragments was extremely difficult due to the polyploid, highly repetitive and heterozygous nature of some animal and plant genomes. Long-read sequencing technology is characterized by long read length, which is conducive to large genome splicing and can greatly improve the integrity of the genome.

  • Full-Length Transcriptome

Previous transcriptome analyses were unable to obtain and analyze full-length transcripts because RNA could not be sequenced directly, and it was often necessary to interrupt mRNA first and then reverse transcribe it into cDNA. Long-read sequencing can accurately identify multiple isoforms of each gene with simplicity and accuracy; and it can directly sequence RNA and directly identify base modifications of RNA.

  • Large Segment Structural Variants

There are many large structural variations (e.g., deletions, inversions, translocations, etc.) in the genome that are associated with human diseases, which cannot be accurately detected by short-read sequencing. Long-read sequencing, with its longer read length, is suitable for the detection of large structural variants, and has good prospects for disease research.

  • Rapid Identification of Microorganisms

Due to the real-time and rapid characteristics of long-read sequencing, sequencing can be performed directly at the collection point, and the sequence information can be obtained in real time for species classification and identification, thus accomplishing the rapid identification of microorganisms.

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