When you join CD Genomics, you become part of a team dedicated to supporting the application of long-read sequencing (third-generation sequencing). CD Genomics is one of the world's largest providers of long-read sequencing services, with the latest long-read sequencing platforms. Based on years of experience in the genomic field and advanced long-read sequencing technologies, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, flexible, and scalable services to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

As a dynamic growing company, we are looking for excellent and enthusiastic candidates to join us. We offer our employees a competitive benefits package and invest in the personal and professional development of each employee. In our family, you will interact, work and collaborate with some of the world's largest companies and greatest scientists, growing in a dynamic and diverse environment.

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Our Mission
  • To market internationally competitive long-read sequencing services.
  • To continuously improve our sequencing platforms and services.
  • To build a reliable and long-lasting relationship for our partners.
  • To provide an environment conducive to growth and self-development for our employees.
  • To ensure sustained growth & profitability.
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