CD Genomics is one of the largest providers of long-read sequencing services. We continue to equip ourselves with the latest long-read sequencing platforms. We are offering long-read sequencing services from Pacific BioSciences (PacBio) and Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT), providing researchers with a wide range of cutting-edge sequencing services to meet the specific needs of any project.

Long-read sequencing technologies offer the unique advantage of long-read length, which greatly enhances de novo assembly, mapping certainty, detection of structural variants, identification of transcriptional isoform, and so forth. Moreover, long-read sequencing methods enable direct detection of native DNA or RNA molecules. The use of these advanced sequencing methods has risen dramatically as sequencing costs have decreased and accuracy and throughput have continued to advance.

Long reads from PacBio SMRT and Oxford Nanopore sequencing technologies differ in length, throughput, and accuracy due to sequencing chemistry and sample preparation. These diverse data types have been applied to specific applications. For example, Oxford Nanopore sequencing takes full advantage of the ultra-long read length to easily span these complex structures in the microbial genome. While PacBio SMRT sequencing with high accuracy (HiFi data) is more suitable for studying gene regulation and genome complexity.

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The PacBio Sequel II and IIe Systems

The PacBio Sequel II and IIe Systems

Sequel II and Sequel IIe both generate up to 8x more sequencing data per SMRT-cell and belong to the third-generation PacBio sequencers. The principles of their single-molecule sequencing chemistry are unchanged and their sequence coverage and sequence errors do not show any detectable sequence-specific bias. These PacBio Sequel sequencers enable HiFi reads, which is changing genomics.

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The PacBio Sequel II and IIe Systems

Applications of PacBio SMRT Sequencing

ONT Nanopore Sequencing

ONT Nanopore Sequencing

ONT Nanopore Sequencing

Nanopore sequencing with ONT systems can yield huge read lengths due to its unique pore chemistry, which allows molecules to be transferred through the nanopore regardless of length.

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Outstanding Advantages of ONT

Long reads with no amplification

Long reads with
no amplification

The long read length of over 150 Kbp provides a more comprehensive display of the sequence information of the target gene and facilitates the identification of duplicated gene fragments and structural variants.

Direct detection of target nucleic acids

Direct detection of
target nucleic acids

Enable direct sequencing of epigenetic modifications and RNA.

Real-time access to sequence information

Real-time access to
sequence information

Direct detection of the native strand of interest saves a lot of time. Sequencing signals are collected directly when the target nucleic acid passes through the nanopore, and sequencing results can be output in real-time.

Simple library preparation

Simple library

No PCR amplification, no fluorescent molecular markers, no optical imaging, extremely fast library preparation process.

ONT Long and Ultra-Long Reads

With the introduction of the Nanopore sequencing system, we have built a robust, scalable platform consisting of the MinION, GridION, and PromethION systems. These systems can now generate two main types of long reads, standard long reads (10-100kb) and specialized ultra-long reads (>100kb) with different lengths, accuracy, and throughput for specific applications.

ONT Nanopore Sequencing has many applications, including,

  • DNA sequencing, including long-read and ultra-long-read DNA sequencing.
  • Full-length cDNA sequencing.
  • Direct RNA sequencing.
ONT Long and Ultra-Long Reads
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CD Genomics is a leading global life sciences company dedicated to providing high-quality long-read sequencing services to the research community. We specialize in the application of long-read sequencing technologies, including Oxford Nanopore and PacBio SMRT sequencing.