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About Us

Due to continuous advances in cost reduction and dedication to accuracy and detail, long-read sequencing technologies have emerged as the best options for human, plant, animal, and microbial genome research. CD Genomics is a leading global life sciences company, and we remain committed to providing the research community with high-quality long-read sequencing services, from Oxford Nanopore to PacBio SMRT sequencing. We specialize in innovative applications of long-read sequencing technologies, genomics analysis methods, as well as internet concepts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, science, and agricultural research. Our services consist of long-read sequencing library preparation, long-read sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis. Equipped with advanced sequencing platforms and experienced experts, we are dedicated to offering fast, cost-effective, and accurate long-read sequencing services.

About Us

Our Competitive Advantages

About Us
  • Immense sequencing capacity, including the largest Illumina, PacBio SMRT and ONT Nanopore sequencing capacities worldwide.
  • Decades of experience in genomics services and innovative technology platforms.
  • Exceptionally long read lengths (20 kb or more) and unparalleled consensus accuracy.
  • Flexible sequencing strategies and bioinformatics pipelines.
  • Customized services for various research interests and inquiries.
  • Fast turnaround time at the most competitive prices.