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Single-Cell Sequencing

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CD Genomics proprietary GenSeqTM Technology provides comprehensive Single-Cell Sequencing services. These global gene expression patterns in single cells already have dramatically advanced cell biology.

The Introduction of Single-Cell Sequencing

Single-cell sequencing is a new technology for amplifying and sequencing the DNA/RNA at single cell level. The principle is to use MDA or MALBAC to efficiently amplify the DNA/RNA from isolated single cells, followed by deep sequencing. Powerful bioinformatics analyses enable us to obtain information of cell-cell heterogeneity, cell population difference and cell evolution. Single-cell genomics will help to uncover cell lineage relationships; single-cell transcriptomics will supplant the coarse notion of marker-based cell types; and single-cell epigenomics and proteomics will allow the functional states of individual cells to be analyzed. At CD Genomics, we are dedicated to offering high-quality single-cell RNA sequencing, single-cell DNA sequencing, single-cell DNA methylation sequencing and 10X Genomics single-cell Sequencing.


  • Profiling scarce clinical samples
  • Measuring intra-tumor heterogeneity and guiding chemotherapy
  • Cancer cells evolution analysis during tumor progression
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

CD Genomics's Single-Cell kit produces amplified DNA fragments suitable for Copy Number Variation (CNV) analysis using oligonucleotide aCGH or qPCR; SNP genotyping, mutation detection and sequencing.

Advantages of Single-Cell Sequencing

  • Complete: End-to-end workflow for whole transcriptome analysis of individual cells.
  • Highest throughput: Unprecedented parallel processing of up to 96 single cells per run.
  • Easiest to use: Less than three hours total hands-on time, working directly from single cells, with no RNA fragmentation and purification step.
  • Affordable: One-eighth the cost of other library preparation system.

Single-Cell Sequencing Workflow

The advent of flow cytometry and laser capture microdissection has made it possible to capture single cells, and the DNA or RNA of single cells was amplified for single-cell sequencing. The general workflow for single-cell sequencing is outlined below.

Service Specifications

Sample requirements and preparation

  • DNA amount ≥ 100pg
  • RNA amount ≥ 50 pg
  • All samples are validated for purity and quantity

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Raw data quality control
  • Statistics of sequencing depth and coverage
  • SNP/InDel/SV/CNV calling
  • Annotation and statistics
  • Pathway enrichment analysis
  • Population genetics analysis
  • More data mining upon your request


  • The original sequencing data
  • Experimental results
  • Data analysis report
  • Details in Single-Cell Sequencing for your writing (customization)

CD Genomics's Single-Cell Sequencing conference focuses on the links between cell variation in tissues and organ function and further elucidates the origins of diseases. If you have additional requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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