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The Fetus’ Entire Genome Can Be Sequenced before They Are Even Born February 8, 2018

Reading the whole genetic blueprint of a fetus long before birth could become a routine procedure thanks to a new blood test. As genetics increasingly informs prospective parents' choices around conception, the test raises the prospect that it may soon become common......

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A New Sequencer: Pocket-Sized “Nanopore” Device February 6, 2018

Now, a report in Nature Biotechnology highlights the latest advance for DNA sequencing: the sequencing and assembly of a human genome using a pocket-sized device. It was generated using several "nanopore" devices that can be purchased online with a "starter kit" for......

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Should Everyone Have Their Whole Genome Sequenced at Birth? January 26, 2018

Advances in genomic testing are happening at more andmore of a quicker rate right now. Now 'The Great Genome Sequencing Debate' heldat the Royal Institute of London, which posed the ever controversial question –Should everyone have their......

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Ancient Americans arrived in a single wave, Alaskan infant’s genome suggests January 3, 2018

Arare smidgen of ancient DNA has sharpened the picture of one of humanity's greatestmigrations. Some 15,000 to 25,000 years ago, people wandered from Asia to NorthAmerica across a now-submerged land called Beringia, which once connectedSiberia and Alaska. But exactly when......

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Targeted RNA Sequencing Market to See Huge Growth by 2024 January 2, 2018

RNAseq has become indispensable analytical tool and is hotly expected expected that new RNAseq applications will be developed by the growing next-generation sequencing users community to support transcriptome oriented studies, notes Military Technologies.......

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