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The prevalence of iphone not only makes Steve Jobs famous, but also promotes the development of app store and business on mobile internet. It gradually replaces the web business and becomes the most popular business mode. If you don’t know the place for dinner, just take out your phone and check on the guidance on the app. You can order the package and the seat you want.
Finding things in the app store is a fashion now. In this situation, a genius idea was created: why don’t we create an app for genomes?
Many biotechnology companies were touched by this assumption. Illumina is one of them and they prepare for starting an app store that customers can find specific sequencing service there. For the low-cost of the app store, customers do not need to pay a lot for this service. For example, if someone wants to know if he has some obesity genes, he can send the sample to the store, and a few days later he will receive the result on app. This only costs tens of dollars.
Another amazing thing is that if customers want to do the whole genome sequencing, it may cost hundreds of dollars. However, their data are reserved. You can find it in the app store and use it anytime you want. They can look for more service without sequencing again.
For customers, this is more attractive than other business forms. They can know more information about themselves with a lower price. And this help customers find the potential disease. Compared to the web service, this is more convenient and affordable.
The only problem is privacy. The information of customers was provided to the business app. Although the developers say they will assure the safety of information, the potential risk can not be ignored. After all, the app is not safe enough now. However, with the development of technology and medical research, the information of sequencing becomes more and more important. People also want to know the genetic information about themselves. The app store will be attractive enough for customers.
For biotechnology companies, this is a big chance. The developer said that they can sale the information in the app store, and business in the app store can share the profit with the platform. That means more business opportunity for biotechnology companies. And the cost is lower than any other platforms.

As a biotechnology company, CD Genomics believes the potential of this platform. And we are excited about the changes it will lead to the biotechnology industry.

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