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Last week, Apple Inc announced it’s new products for this season. Many things make “iFans” crazy: the newest software(ios9), the newest color(rose gold), and the bigger RAM. But the most attractive thing for me is it’s new function of medical function.

Apple Watch: Health Management


The Airstrip of WatchOS 2.0 is faced for the application of medical use, and it is also a main application for Apple watch. The Airstrip can show the frequency of medication of you and remind them to take medicine on time. Besides, it can show the heart rate and glucose of you. At the same time, it will pass those data to your doctor to help them monitor your healthy condition anywhere.
This reminds me of the genome sequencing app store project which presented by illumina last week. They have things in common. It seems like that Apple stays one step ahead of illumina to connect applications with medical functions. And it is clear that this connection is a trend in both biotechnology industry and medical industry. We are living in a fast-paced information era, and we need technology which is fast and convenient.
The only thing different is that your healthy data in Airstrip are only used for personal and business can not gain profits by selling your data. I guess this may be because of the variation of different data. The whole genome sequencing data of individual is worth more than the healthy data for companies. Nevertheless, ensuring the safety of the privacy is also important for Apple.
Another sweet design of Apple watch is that expectant mothers can listen to the heart beat of their unborn babies. I think this is the sweetest design in all the Apple products.

iPad Pro: 3D4Medical


In this conference, Irene Walsh showed us an application named 3D4Medical by iPad Pro which can be used to imitate the motion mechanism of the human musculoskeletal. This application can clearly present our body structure with high definition, for iPad Pro has the 2732×2068 screen resolution. And with the help of Apple Pencil, we can check every detail of our organ, and have a clear understanding of abnormal joints and bones. Irene said that this application was to help doctors explain the pathology to patients.
I do think so. It’s hard for someone to understand the complicated pathology without any relevant knowledge. And people don’t have time to listen, too. On the contrary, this could have an unexpected effect in a professional class.



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