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Whole Genome Sequencing

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As a leading provider of NGS services, CD Genomics is providing comprehensive whole genome sequencing (WGS) solutions for samples of human and other species, in order to help you dissecting the genetic differences and implications.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome resequencing is a process that determines the complete DNA sequence of an organism's genome by comparing sequences with a known reference genome. Whole genome resequencing plays a role in identifying DNA biomarkers such as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs), insertions and deletions (Indels), structure variations (SV), copy number variations (CNV) and other genetic changes of the sequenced species with high accuracy, it also provides an unprecedented opportunity for characterizing the polymorphic variants in a population, which comprehensively unravels the underlying mechanisms of species origin, development, growth, and evolution. What’s more, whole genome re-sequencing is an indispensable part of genome-wide association study (GWAS), where common genetic variants in different individuals are assessed to determine if a variant is associated with a particular phenotype. These can be broadly used in food safety, clinics, agriculture and in the future personalized medicine. WGS has become a rapid efficient method to unravel the underlying mechanisms of species origin, development, growth, and evolution at the genomic level.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Human whole genome re-sequencing provides the most comprehensive collection of an individual’s genetic variation, which allows discovering potential correlations to certain disease risks. In addition to human genomes, CD Genomics also supports whole genome sequencing of a wide range of species including plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Both paired-end library and mate-pair library can be constructed in the library preparation step.

Recommended Sequencing Strategy and Sequencing Depth:

Illumina HiSeq pair-end 150 bp paired-end sequencing with depth of coverage ≥ 30x.

Turnaround Time:

Within 30 natural days from sample QC verification to raw data generation.

Additional 15 working days for data analysis.

Sample Requirements

  • DNA amount: ≥ 2 μg
  • DNA concentration: ≥ 20 ng/μl
  • Purity: OD260/280 = 1.8 - 2.0 without degradation or RNA contamination

Data Analysis

Our bioinformatics service includes data quality control, alignment with reference genome, statistics of sequencing depth and coverage, SNP/InDel/SV/CNV calling, annotation and statistics, functional annotation of candidate genes, pathway enrichment analysis, population genetics analysis, and so on.


  • Identification of functional genes, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets
  • Detection of genome-wide genetic variants
  • Discovery of common and rare mutations
  • Associate DNA variants with a trait, such as disease
  • Comparative analysis at the genome level

Features and Benefits:

  • High Resolution and High Precision: discriminating of single-base variations.
  • High Coverage: discovering novel variations and mutant information in low frequency.
  • Wide Range of Species: from human to plants, animals, and microbial genomes.
  • Accuracy of Data: the strict quality control process to ensure the accuracy of the results with minor deviation.
  • Cost-effective: lowest prices possible for genome of any size and any complexity.

CD Genomics is equipped with cutting-edge Illumina HiSeq platforms and coupled with experienced scientists, in addition, with advanced bioinformatics analysis, we provide whole genome sequencing service for researchers with high quality data in a highly cost-effective manner.

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