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PacBio Sequel

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The Leader in Long-Read Sequencing

The PacBio Sequel System is ideal for rapid and cost-effective de novo genome assembly, structural variation analysis, and much more. SMRT Cells contain up to a million ZMWs which simultaneously monitor each of the waveguides in real time. Half of the data in reads: >30 kb. Data per SMRT Cell: Up to 10 Gb. Free of systematic errors Achieves >99.999% (QV50). No amplification required. Even coverage across GC content. Directly detect DNA modifications using polymerase kinetics.

It could easily sequence low-complexity regions; access all variant types; directly detect full-length transcripts without assembly; simultaneously analyze genome-wide methylation with single-base resolution and so on.

Accelerate your research with the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes.

The advantage

  • Long Read Lengths
  • High Consensus Accuracy
  • Uniform Coverage
  • Simultaneous Epigenetic Characterization
  • Flexible Design and Analytics

Sequel compared with RSII system performance

Sequel RS II
Average read length 10~18K 10~15K
ZMWs Number 1,000,000 150,000
Data per SMRT Cell 5~10G 500 Mb~1 Gb
SMRT Cell Number/per Run 1~16 1~16
Run time/per SMRT Cell 0.5~6hrs 0.5~6 hrs

PacBio circular consensus sequencing provides high-accuracy long reads at the single-molecule level

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