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Sequencing Service

Genome Announcements. (2015) 3:6-12

Complete Genome Sequence of the Pseudomonas fluorescens Bacteriophage UFV-P2

Monique R. Eller, Rafael L. Salgado, Pedro M. P. Vidigal, Maura P. Alves, Roberto S. Dias, Leandro L. de Oliveira, Cynthia C. da Silva, Antônio F. de Carvalho and Sérgio O. De Paula

Marine Genomics. (2015) 23:37-40

Transcriptome analysis of gill tissue of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L. from the Baltic Sea

Magdalena Małachowicz, Agnieszka Kijewska and Roman Wenne

Genome Announcements. (2015) 3:0-15

Complete Genome Sequence of Phytopathogenic Pectobacterium atrosepticum Bacteriophage Peat1

Melanie Kalischuk, John Hachey and Lawrence Kawchuk

BMC Genomics. (2014) 15:7

UFV-P2 as a member of the Luz24 like virus genus: a new overview on comparative functional genome analyses of the LUZ24-like phages

Monique R Eller, Pedro M P Vidigal, Rafael L Salgado, Maura P Alves, Roberto S Dias, Cynthia C da Silva, Antônio F de Carvalho, Andrew Kropinski and Sérgio O De Paula

International Microbiology. (2014) 17:49-61

Tetracycline-resistance encoding plasmids from Paenibacillus larvae, the causal agent of American foulbrood disease, isolated from commercial honeys

Adriana M. Alippi, Ignacio E. León and Ana C. López

Veterinary Research. (2014) 45:80

In silico prediction of Gallibacterium anatis pan-immunogens

Ragnhild J Bager, Egle Kudirkiene, Isabelle da Piedade, Torsten Seemann, Tine K Nielsen, Susanne E Pors, Andreas H Mattsson, John D Boyce, Ben Adler and Anders M Bojesen

Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. (2014) 47(1): 42-49

ChIP-seq analysis of histone H3K9 trimethylation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of membranous nephropathy patients

W.G. Sui , H.Y. He , Q. Yan1 , J.J. Chen1 , R.H. Zhang and Y. Dai

DNA Research. (2014) 1–15

The genome sequence of the highly acetic acid-tolerant Zygosaccharomyces bailii-derived interspecies hybrid strain ISA1307, isolated from a sparkling wine plant

Nuno P. Mira, Martin Münsterkötter, Filipa Dias-Valada1, Júlia Santos, Margarida Palma1, Filipa C. Roque, Joana F. Guerreiro1, Fernando Rodrigues, Maria João Sousa5, Cecília Leão, Ulrich Güldener and Isabel Sá-Correia>

Expert Review of Medical Devices. (2012) 9(2):97-101

Biotechnological, genomics and systems–synthetic biology revolution: redesigning genetic code for a pragmatic systems medicine

Dimitrios H Roukos

Microbiology. (2012) 158: 993-1004

Multilocus sequence phylogenetic analysis of Avibacterium

M. Bisgaard, N. Nørskov-Lauritsen, S. J. de Wit, C. Hess and H. Christensen

Journal of Cell Science. (2010) 123:1171-1180

ATPase family AAA domain-containing 3A is a novel anti-apoptotic factor in lung adenocarcinoma cells

Hsin-Yuan Fang, Chia-Ling Chang, Shu-Han Hsu, Chih-Yang Huang, Shu-Fen Chiang, Shiow-Her Chiou, Chun-Hua Huang, Yi-Ting Hsiao, Tze-Yi Lin, I-Ping Chiang, Wen-Hu Hsu, Sumio Sugano, Chih-Yi Chen, Ching-Yuang Lin, Wen-Je Ko and Kuan-Chih Chow

Archives of Pharmacal Research. (2010) 33(11):1741-1746

Apigenin isolated from the seeds ofPerilla frutescens britton var crispa(Benth.) inhibits food intake in C57BL/6J mice

Hyeon-Jong Myoung, Gwangjung Kim and Kung-Woo Nam

Skýrsla Matís. (2010) 36(10)

Optimization of sample preparation–filtration and DNA extraction–for the analysis of seawater samples

Eyjólfur Reynisson, Árni Rafn Rúnarsson, Sveinn Haukur Magnússon, Desiree Seehafer and Viggó Þór Marteinsson

Development, Growth & Differentiation. (2010) 52(1):15-25

The Hydra polyp: nothing but an active stem cell community

homas C. G. Bosch, Friederike Anton-Erxleben,Georg Hemmrich and Konstantin Khalturin

cDNA Library Construction Service

BMC Genomics. (2012) 13:387

Global transcriptome analysis of two wild relatives of peanut under drought and fungi infection

Ana CM Brasileiro, Carolina V Morgante, Andressa CQ Martins, Georgios Pappas, Orzenil B SilvaJr, Roberto Togawa,Soraya CM Leal-Bertioli, Ana CG Araujo, Marcio C Moretzsohn and David J Bertioli

Genotyping Service

Hepatology. (2014) 13(4):350-355

Peginterferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C virus mixed genotype infection

Ching-Chung Lin, Chia-Hsien Wu, Huan-Lin Chen, I-Tsung Lin, Shen-Yung Wang, Tsang-En Wang, Horng-Yuan Wang, Shou-Chuan Shih and Ming-Jong Bair

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