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Non-invasive Trisomy Test

Pre-Natal Non-invasive Trisomy Test

CD Genomics proprietary GenSeqTM Technology offers diverse  DNA diagnostics and genomic sequencing services. When choosing a company, consider experience for ages and professional expertise, get reminders and access test results anywhere. You'll find them all at CD Genomics.

GenSeqTMcompetent genetic health care Is a superior choice for the test of Non-invasive Trisomy Test in genetic diagnostic research field. Our genetic services are safe, accurate, valid and high reliability.

Pregnancy screening for fetal aneuploidy started in the mid 1960s, using maternal age as the screening test. New developments in maternal serum and ultrasound screening have made it possible to offer all pregnant patients a non-invasive screening test to assess their risk of having a fetus with Down syndrome, Edward's syndrome or trisomy 13, to determine whether invasive prenatal diagnosis tests are necessary. These genetic diagnostic options are available for non-invasive screening and make recommendations for global parents and health care patients.

Trisomy 21, Trisomy 18, and Trisomy 13

GenSeqTM genetic health care provides safe, reliable and economically practical first trimester pregnancy test for Trisomy (abnormal number of chromosomes). The test poses no risk to the mother or the fetus and has an accuracy rate greater than 99.9%. Infants born with one of the Trisomy conditions exhibit extensive abnormalities and shortened life expectancies. The analysis of fetal DNA from the mother's blood gives early feedback on the condition of the fetus, which allows for preparation and/or intervention.

GenSeq TM
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45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Tel: 1-631-372-1052
Fax: 1-631-614-7828

Tel: 44-207-048-3343

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